• Heavy Weight Day Wear Outfit

Follow the instructions below to provide accurate measurements when purchasing a kilt

Follow the instructions below to provide accurate measurements when purchasing a jacket

Our Heavy weight outfit offers the Customer a choice of Jacket Style from either, Argyll, Braemar or Culloden  Styles. The Argyll Jacket & The Braemar Jacket Style have Flat epaulets, 3 buttons on the pocket flaps and 3 button gauntlet Cuff (ARGYLL ONLY) or 3 button Tash Cuff (BRAEMAR ONLY) The buttons can be natural Imitation horn, black imitation horn or  nickel finish.

The Kilt & Flashes are made in exactly the same way as our 8 Yard Heavy  weight kilt. The Ghillie Brogues are our branded 705 brogue.

There is a Full Dress Sporran included in either Grey or Black bovine fur which is an EW2 which is listed in our Dress Sporran page.

Also included is an SD 22/36 Sgian Dubh which has a removable sheath which when removed reveals a blade. You can choose either a clan crested kilt pin or a generic kilt pin. 

All other items included in the Medium weight Day Wear Outfit are supplied from or warehouse stock.


  • 8 yard made to measure kilt & flashes
  • Black day wear jacket & 5 button vest (black barathea with nickel buttons)
  • Full dress sporran with 3 chain tassels & chain strap
  • Ghillie brogues, full leather upper with a black stitched two tone leather sole (sizes 6-15, including half sizes)
  • SD22 sgian dubh
  • Cream, black, charcoal wool blend socks (sizes 4-7, 8-10, 11-13)
  • Satin cravat (various colours)
  • Black standard or white wing collar shirt
  • Clan crest kilt pin

Heavy Weight Day Wear Outfit

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